Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dancing Casting Call To All

If you think that you can glide and know how to dance the Obama slide
than we need you.

Dance auditions coming up at Kennedy King College
63rd Halsted.
When- Saturday November 22, 08
Come at 8:00 am
Video taping starts at 9am-until it ends.
Bring a photo- head shot-Resume
Tell them Beauty's sent you.
More information call CeCi-1-773-272-1665
or Roby at-1-773-369-4099

( VituralDanceMachine.com)

If you think you can dance
stop hoping,
Here's your chance!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre & Election -Parties in the Hood for Barack Obama

Poor People Millennium Movement
Congratulate United State Senator
Barack Obama for Becoming the
First African American (44) President
Of the United State!

"Come out and Party in the hood"

"Live Blues for Obama"
Pre-election party
Monday -November 3th
at- 9pm -"We are gonna party"
"Until the Roosters crow,
and the dogs bark,
Until- Way after dark!
Linda's Lounge
1044 West 51 street
Contact- Janice -1-773-885-2069
We will see you there!
(Jon Burge survivors will be there!)

Rocking the clock
to- Barack!
Election Night Party
November 4th 08
We want to see your face
at the-TASTE
6331 South Lowe
starting at 5;00 clock
(Activists will be attending)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fourteen Days To Barack

Fourteen Days to Barack is a documentary counting down to this historic Presidential election of a First African American Democratic nominee by the name of United State Senator Barack Obama "starting on Oct 22,08 to November 4th 08
Frist part series-second part series is fourteen days after Barack Done by an Urban Cursader, a creative genius, Name Marvin (Thunder) Robinson-
Robinson decided to take his camara and go around Chi-town where he was born and raised and still live for 33 years, filming and interviewing as well as documenting; people about what they think about Barack Obama and what they think will happen if and when he's elected?

He did "INTERVIEWS ON:" Activists,Journalists,Students,Teachers,Preachers and the Common every day man or woman as well as pookie on the block. Marvin lived in the Robert Taylor Homes for numerous of years-He's also the Creator of Demo King Studio As well as serve on the Board of Director of the Non- profit organization Poor People Millennium Movement.