Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fourteen Days To Barack

Fourteen Days to Barack is a documentary counting down to this historic Presidential election of a First African American Democratic nominee by the name of United State Senator Barack Obama "starting on Oct 22,08 to November 4th 08
Frist part series-second part series is fourteen days after Barack Done by an Urban Cursader, a creative genius, Name Marvin (Thunder) Robinson-
Robinson decided to take his camara and go around Chi-town where he was born and raised and still live for 33 years, filming and interviewing as well as documenting; people about what they think about Barack Obama and what they think will happen if and when he's elected?

He did "INTERVIEWS ON:" Activists,Journalists,Students,Teachers,Preachers and the Common every day man or woman as well as pookie on the block. Marvin lived in the Robert Taylor Homes for numerous of years-He's also the Creator of Demo King Studio As well as serve on the Board of Director of the Non- profit organization Poor People Millennium Movement.

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